single most painful experience of my life



how to buy 4D with 5 numbers??



ran my first marathon yesterday. it was a horrible experience, for all of you suffering from broken hearts and what not, forget about pen knifing yourself, go do a marathon. 

i know there are many sites out there to teach you how to prepare and run a marathon, since obviously i did not read up much on those sites, i am going to share how not to run a marathon so that you won’t be feeling that much pain. 

1) a marathon is not 2 times half marathon/4 times 10 km 

It only is in the pure mathematical sense, but not in a runner’s point of view. i basically ran the full with a half marathon mentality. i finished half of it comfortably, and then that’s where the suffering starts to begin. The blisters starts to form, the muscles start to cramp and every km seems a km too far away. 

remember in economics class where they teach the theory of law of diminishing marginal returns? totally applicable here. 

2) never ignore what tsui tells you

for the un-clued, tsui is my manager. anyway he has been giving me running tips weeks prior to yesterday’s event. it was a one ear in one ear out kindda listening. so 2 important things he said were, you will be needing deep heat and power gel. both of which i did not prepare. so running the first half of the marathon was quite a breeze for me (since i’ve done that kind of distance before, so i know what to expect), i saw everybody grabbing power gels and applying deep heat and i was wondering to myself “muahhaha weaklings”. yeah until i hit 24km. i was literally begging for deep heat from there onwards. 

3) never think that being younger means you’re more fit, hence train less

i basically finished after all the over 30 somethings. colin ong, age 40 came in 3 mins in front of me, when i saw him near the finish, i knew i’m going to be laughed at for the coming year. lawrence lau, age 40 did 5 hours 48 mins. tsui wing hon, aged 35, came in at 5 hours 28 mins. and the champion of all daniel chang, age 38 (i know he is above 35 but below 40, so i just take it as 38 lar huh, anyway no matter) came in at a champion timing of 4 hours 06 mins. so, me the cocky 26 year old came in at a measly 5 hours 55 mins (i’m just glad it was below 6 hours) and am prepared to be laughed at for the coming year. 

oh and don’t get me started on the seemingly  overweight ah po who chiat me. 

4) never drive a manual car to the event

i kid you not, but the drive back was equally painful as i have a blister the size of 2 50 cent coins on my soles, most irritatingly of all, it was on my left foot, which was my clutch foot. i would not have mind as much if it were on my right foot since stepping on the accelerator is easier than clutching in. 

5) don’t underestimate the power of alcohol after the race

so whoever wrote the point about not drinking caffeine and alcohol on race day cause they are dehydrating should shoot themselves. cause the best thing after the race was the ice cold beers that colin and family so graciously provided for us. it was a life saver. 

alright, that’s all i have for you. to those who took part, congrats! to those who did not, see you there next year! 


i suffered so much pain and all i got was this stupid t-shirt

i suffered so much pain and all i got was this stupid t-shirt


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