the return of the napkin

faithful readers of the adventures of napkin man: the nanyang island saga series, have you waited too long for napkin man’s next adventure? wait no longer, for after a 1 year abscence, we now present to you the next series: adventures of napkin man: the eastern lion’s greatest saga vol 1.

in volume one, aptly titled the return of the napkin, we see our super hero embarking on a quest to obtain acceptance into the order of fellowship known as the million dollar round table, which is one of the highest order which could be confeered to him by the almighty eastern lion, bringer of hope to many in times of death and illness.

to prove himself and obtain this accolade, he has made the acquaintance of a clique of advisors, a group of dedicated men and women whose task is to  help people like napkin man to be accepted into the order of the million dollar round table. 

along the way, napkin man faces enemies far and wide, the most powerful of them are dr objections and the great negativity. they use powers like call reluctance, ill discipline and fear to strike at the heart of those who stand against them.

will napkin man ever make it? will he survive the challenges thrown at him? stay tune to find out more!


2 Responses to the return of the napkin

  1. littlemissclimber says:

    of coz laoda can survive, if not how to become my laoda!!!


  2. Dexter Yeo says:

    Bro…. your ang mo damn chiem!!!!

    But I LIKE IT!!!!

    I will send you a package of anti Dr Negative and Call Reluctance etc etc deodorant…. all the stupid negative negative stuffs. Just apply this deodorant every morning and you are good for the day!!


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