the launch of i-does

so you think you’ve got the latest i products eh? so you think your i mac is cool? your i phone the envy of the town? your i pod second to none? your i napture probably was the best in the world.

however you’ve not experience technology till you’ve experienced the i-does!! the i-does is essentially a robot modelled after the image of napkin man, and helps you with your wedding vows. afraid that you’ll have the jitters on your wedding day? no experience in saying the magical 2 words “i do”?

well fret not, with the i-does robot, you need not have to worry bout those butterflies in your stomach or sweaty palms anymore. simply put the i-does robot beside your bride to be and see how he charms the pants off your guests! and at the moment where the priest/pastor/buddha ask you the magical question, ‘do you take her to be your lawfully wedded wife’, the i-does robot does the only thing that it knows to do, that is to answer loudly and proudly, “I DOES!!!”

note: current versions of the robot are for male replicas only. development work for female replicas are in the process.


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