birthday pics taken at lunar

well, thanks to dalena for offering her camera, and finally passing the photos to me! haha. anyway here’s some pics from that quiet night at lunar.

smile if you’re a wanker birthday cake

shit buffet and some prs of the buffet

road show gang a.k.a advisor’s clique shun you

great grandfather and ah gong (also means my boss’s boss’s boss, and my boss’s boss

senior ah jie and my boss

superheroes of the retarded league

the b-52 has landed in napkin man’s throat

alrites that’s all the pics for now. many thanks to all who graced the occassion and made it such a wonderful night (although i don’t remember half of it) and most thanks to all my bosses who made the night possible.

had a belated birthday celebration with the hall peeps last night as the juniors were having exams before. many thanks to liz and lala for organising the whole thing! will post up the pics once lala sends them to me.


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