they’re back!

have you been waiting for the latest napkin man action figures to be released?? has it been a long 2 years wait? wait no longer, cos they’re back! and earlier this time. where’s has all the booze gone toy factory has decided to release this year’s collection so that you, the loyal consumer need not do a last minute dash for your christmas shopping!

quickly, these figures are a limited edition collection. available at all good toy stores.

first up, we present to you….. cowboy naps! move aside woody, cos cowboy naps is the real king of the west. straight out from the good the bad and the ugly.. his smoking guns will blaze you away. suitable for your friends who have an incredible liking of the village people.

cowboy naps

next we have elvis naps. love him tender love him sweet, never let him go. while you’re there, please tell laura that he loves her. suitable for friends who are elvis fanatics.

elvis naps

lastly we present to you movie star naps. glass of black label coke sold separately. movie star naps appeared in a bombay tv production, produced by the ever talented danny tan. for all hollywood, bollywood and fire wood fans (editor’s note: okie i know thats lame, but which part of this post isnt?)

movie star naps


6 Responses to they’re back!

  1. miss xxx says:

    hello mister, i met u on irc remember? i took 2 of these cute pictures for u….. intro pls?? wanna go long fei??? hahahhahaa.

  2. missonegrain says:

    hahahaa.. this is funny!

  3. tab says:

    haha this post is the bomb, freaking retarded lah. why you never put your wife in a post too.

  4. missonegrain says:

    where is sleepy?!

  5. mark says:

    why is there no drunken naps? (comes with boxers only. pants sold separately)

  6. John Doe says:


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