the wonders of chinatown buses

yesterday i had the best travel experience of my life. I was going to office from home, and just nice there was this bus CT28 that came along. I knew it went to chinatown, but i did not know what route it took, or where on earth i’d be ending up. but being adventurous, i just hopped on.

in the end, i reached office in about 15mins. it was awesome man, the bus just took the expressway all the way shiok. okie i thought i just needed to tell you guys that! haha

in other news, its really an awesome weekend in terms of sports for me. south africa won the rugby, well im not a big fan of south africa, but i’d prefer them to win than england anyways. man utd won 4-2 and kimi the flying finn was the overall F1 champion.. wheeeeeeeee


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