complains and violins become my only friends

went to little india for dinner juz now.. its this chinese restaurant there -.-. okie im going to be really objective and not racist about anything okie, in case isa comes and find me. anyway, after dinner we went to mustafa to walk walk, seriously it was sooo packed till i got a headache just trying to navigate my way around.

then when it was time to go back to the car, my bro hollanded, so brought us the long way around, and we had to navigate through MORE ppl. and if it wasn’t bad enuff, when i was trying to hit the main road, my dad directed me to drive straight into what seem like a bee hive, yupps its the market at little india there. there were tonnes and tonnes of ppl there!! its like, if u can imagine the lord of the rings, the two towers, the scene at the end where they fought, yupps its almost like that.

and the thing i don’t understand is, how can they have no regard for their own lives? they just cross the road as if they own the road! dashing and running across as i inch my way forward. and the best part of it all is, why the hell do they need to tap my car when they walk pass?!!

alrites enuff of that.. isit just me or has the 8 days become smaller? im not really an avid reader of the mag, so my bro bought it, and i read it (good toilet literature). so firstly, i thought it was abit smaller, and secondly, the paper of the last few pages are like more cheap skate (not the glossy kind). so are we paying more for less now? i dunno, not a big fan anyway, just wanted to complain.


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