mad about little fishes

i was having a dinner appointment at bedok just now. i ordered laksa, then that store also sells this boxes of ikan bilis.. there’s the chilli one and the non chilli one. i dunno what came over me, but i was totally drawn to it lar. its like i just need to eat the ikan bilis! so in the end i went to buy it. yeah thought my mom would enjoy it also. so there i was, insurance agent carrying his laptop in one hand, and a plastic bag with ikan bilis in the other. i don’t think it bodes well for my cred man. haha indie boy and locks thinks its super lak seh.

but i guess im the one with the last laugh now… ikan bilis with beer!! i’ll deal with the sore throat and lack of sleep tmr. for now, im going to enjoy whatever i can. kan he man signing off!


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