not so latest happenings in my life

sorry, been to caught up to really update about happenings in my life.. anyway 2 weeks ago was convocation!! it was super boring, but i guess the phototaking sessions were the more interesting parts. many thanks to ah seng who came down to help me be my professional photographer. also to dawn and liz and lannie who came down to support me… many gratitudes to my mentor and manager who came down for my big day too!

liz me and dawn…

hall 8 peeps

and last week was orientation.. went back almost every nite and the whole day of finale.. really miss those days of hall sia.. im really very sad to leave.. more so after the campfire, felt like i was so attached to the clan that i din really wanna leave!! oh wells we gotta all grow up someday i guess.. aniwei we won best clan!! whoo hoo!!

nnnnn lastly.. to the someone whom i have neglected: im really sorry, i should have been more sensitive, but i guess i was just blinded by the immediate things around me that i forget sometimes the ppl that really mattered to me..


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