pass some gas

i woke up with this campfire song in my head, you know the pass it on song (it only takes a spark… blah blah), well if u wanna go into technicalities, it is in fact a christian song (which we all sang in primary school, anyway sames for the song that goes “i’ve got peace like a river”), but im not into technicalities today.

however the version that rang in my head is not the authentic version, i seriously dunno why it came out this way, but here it goes.. my version is called pass some gas:

it only takes some ass
to get the gases flowing
and soon all those around
will end up crying, choking
i’ll shout it from the mountain top (leopard!!) author’s note: insert bmt,sispec,ocs,or unit company name here, remember to clap your hands twice and punch the air!
i want to knock it down
i want to sing
my backside stinks
i want (yes you want)
to pass (yes to pass)
some gas (pass some gas, pass some gas, pass some pass some gas)


3 Responses to pass some gas

  1. gose says:

    Yes u want (yes you want)
    TO pass mooootiioooon (pass motion pass motion pass motion)

    FUck, i’m ggin to be an engineer. KNN

  2. napture says:

    gose: why leh??? i thot u wanted to go into finance?

  3. gose says:

    Get some $ first la, at the same time, learn some of the trades. its a contract though although i’m like paid like a perm.

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