deja vu day

yesterday (friday) was the weirdest day ever… okie im going to blog it narrative style.. bear with me. so i woke up at an unearthly hour of 730 in the morning cos i had an exam @ suntec. basically it was at 9, but the freaking bus took so long that i only reached at 920.. but then thankfully they still let me in and basically it was quite easy lar (i not hao lian hor.. it really was) that i finished faster than some ppl who reached like eons earlier than me.

 so then i was to meet my boss at office (far east square there), hence i walked from the suntec area, through citylink and then to the mrt station (which seemed to take like forever)… yeah so i decided to take the train to chinatown cos i felt that was the nearest station.. so i had to drop at dolby ghaut and change to the nel.

 yupps, met my boss, followed him to do some work, and then we decided to go to robinson’s to kia kia… after he left i went to get a hair cut at far east.. and then it was like only 430pm. i had to meet my jc friends at 730 at city hall area. so i decided maybe i shouldn’t go home and juz hang out all the way. so i went to peninsular to made my shirts. but then i finished at 5. so with 2 and a half hours to kill, i really din know what to do, and i needed a shower badly, so i decided to still head home in the end.. (&#$&^*#&$*#$u8#).

 yupps, i came home showered and change.. and then i did the exact same bus ride to suntect again!!! then got this small kid basically was making so much noise and crying i din know what he wanted, cos i was listening to my ipod, but i could still hear him screaming and all.. then i realised he wanted the window seat, so i had to give it up to him.. grrr my seat got hijacked by a baby!!

 yeah, so met at city hall, did dinner, and wanted to join the hiadis for some drinks. so they were at clark quay…. and it was 1130, hard to catch cab oso.. so i decided to mrt it down. and guess what?? yes i walked the same stoopid route through city link to the mrt station, and i again changed train at dolby ghaut to take the nel, juz that this time i stopped at clarke quay (which is one stop before chinatown) .. seriously.. i did so much walking my calves actually aches (well partly cos i was walking fast).. but seriously dun feel like doing this stoopid 2 times in a day shit again..

in other news.. i heard something very funny on friday nite too.. not naming names.. but somebody’s bf lost her while taking mrt.. basically the blur girl got off at the wrong stop and then the bf din pull her back, so they got separated… aiyoooo, brudder, better hold on carefully to ur gf!! muahhahaha…


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