the redang post

26th June 2007

met up with the guys at golden mile complex, then proceeded to board our spacious bus. well we opted for the 26 seater bus to save ourselves 50 bucks each, but then they assigned us the 18 seater instead, probably due to the fact that there were not enuff takers for the 26 seater, hence we got a free upgrade!  

our spacious bus

27th June 2007

after eons of travelling (approximately 10hours), we finially reached the ferry jetty, below is a picture of the ferry that would take us to redang itself.

reminds one of the tekong ferry eh??

However, we were not able to board the ferry as we were way too early. yupps we arrived at the ferry jetty at 7am, but our ferry only leaves at 930am!! arghhhh…. so we ended up going for breakfast at a nearby canteen/coffeeshop or whatever you called it. we had super salty chicken nasi lemak and coffee/tea/milo.

danny and milton looking constipated after the salty meal

after what seems like eternity, we were finally allowed to boared the ferry:

four singaporean refugees looking happy (or retarded)

the ferry took about an hour or so, before we finally reach the paradise island.

doesn’t look anything appealing right?? but then….



a little background knowledge for those who never heard, well that included myself before i went. redang was featured in one hong kong movie, its called summer at more more tea inn (i think that’s what its called, i dunno , i could be wrong, but in chinese its called xia re de mo mo char) staring richie ren and sammy cheng. well the good thing is that the more more tea inn building (replica or left from the show i do not know) can be found at the resort we were staying. the messed up part is, there is a tv channel that runs the show on repeat 24 hours a day non stop, yeah so u can guess by now that’s what we watched most of the time in our room.

 and need a mention the theme song for redang island??? its a song by richie and ah niu called lang hua yi duo duo (loosely translated it means rotten flower one stalk stalk.. nah im kidding its not rotten, i think it means romantic or something) which is featured in the show. however wherever we go, people are playing that song!! the live band performing at the bar will go into the theme song. and when we go back to our rooms to turn on the tv, just nice it will be the part that they sing that song!!! grrrrr … well i shouldn’t complain, since its our k-clan theme song, hence redang should be the k clan choice of holiday destination! woooooott!

eeee… sooo gay

we spent most of our time there snorkelling, well since we were given 3 free boat rides for snorkelling, why not make use of it right? the first time was quite fun, as the designated photographers caught us and made us pose for many shots (of cos they’d do it, they earn 5RM per pic we buy!! bloodsuckers…). here are some of em:

snorkelling naps now comes with coral reefs attached!!

friends sold separately

snorkelling naps taking a shit… see what comes out of his ass!!

28th June 2007

our 2nd day on the island was spent going to the marine park where we did our snorkelling, this time there were much more fishes, and we were smart enough to bring bread this time. the fishes were really cute, as u can feed them and they will come up to you really really close. danny got this fingers bitten off though… nahh it was more of the dying skin on his fingeres, he terms is fish therapy. i should have slotted pieces of bread between my toes so they can nibble at my foot rot eh?

in the noon, we decided to go for our last snorkelling trip as there was nothing else to do, and instantly regretted it cos the boat ride to the area took so freaking long, and by now we were really bored of seeing the same things again. maybe we should have opted to go for the jungle trail or something eh.

at night we decided to check out the ktv/disco pub. errr okie the ktv was open ktv so errr some were good and some were terribly bad. and we decided that since we were bad ourselves, we shall spare the rest of the ppl the agony of listening to our hoarse voices. well after a certain time, the ktv stops and the disco begins, the music was like rojak, mix of r & b and techno. bleah.. thankfully we had enough booze to entertain ourselves. yupps we opened a bottle of bacardi superior as it was the cheapest there (cheapo!). and then the waiter more cheapo, come and make small talk with us, then later he grabbed an empty glass and asked to pour himself a drink from our stash (wtf?!!!)

you can find me in a club…

29th June 2007

well its going home day and its the worse day of the trip, not only becoz we had to go back, but becoz we had to wake up early, and endure a super super long bus ride (that made me super sick) all the way back to singapore. oh wells.. overall it was a fun trip, but it’ll be better if there were more ppl (maybe girls?? muahahahahahah)

 for more pics, refer to my flickr account..


3 Responses to the redang post

  1. max says:

    i miss redang 😦

  2. gose says:

    CHeers, land of getaways

  3. bin says:

    so nice! I’ve not been to redang before la……. :p

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