malaysia boleh! part 2

alright, the ktm place was so awesome that we decided to go back today. so the night started off with brian joe and i chilling at west coast macs and waiting for our other ktm club member, ian. but we got so tired of waiting that we just decided to head down first.. we can’t wait!!!

napkin man and indie boy and mr blue pillar


when we reached the place, we felt like we were transported to another place, another time zone.. one where your troubles were left at the gate, and it was really sort of like taking a mini getaway to malaysia… cept that the reality of it was that we were still in singapore, but u gotta be there to know what i mean.

then we attacked the food. i had the nasi goreng, brian opted for the ramly (initiation food as he puts it), and joe had the mee rebus. ian joined us shortly after and he had the ramly too. then we all chiped in for some awesome satay. the funniest thing was that brian decided to try this cute blue drink, which according to the ppl there, is blueberry juice. and according to joe, he said his campmates call it blue water (wahhhh). but then we decided that we should christian the drink as blue brian, and that’s the way it would be in our secret circle called the ktm supper club.

what’s left of my nasi kick ass goreng

the blue brian.. its quite aptly named considering how brian is feeling

yupps so that’s our little adventure for today.. in fact expect more ktm posts as we’d probably be there every night until we try all the food that’s on their menu!

another satisfied ktm supper club member


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