our beloved cell leader

introducing… mr inverter

we celebrated yuen’s birthday yesterday at the marmalade pantry at palai..pailey..paii paii .. the building beside orchard towers (grrr i hate pseudo frenchies). we gave him two totally useless presents, one is the bryan adamns dvd (well he really detests bryan adams for reaons i dunno) and the other is this stuff toy seal which brian absolutely wanted to get for him (for reasons i dunno).

all went well.. nobody died.. and i had to leave early to go to golden mile to get a thai massage. no i did not, i went there to book my trip to redang.. woo hoo!! finally im leaving this place again!! its been soooo long… like a year?? mann.. way too long..

napkin man’s personal place mat


2 Responses to our beloved cell leader

  1. max says:


    my previous trip was like 5 days but i didn’t think it was enough! wanted to stay there permanently. wahlao you’re so lucky 😦 how much are you paying for the trip??

  2. napture says:

    max: errmm 281 for like 4 days 3 nites.. but then bulk of it would be spent travelling there.. haha ..

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