whats been happening joe was kind enuff to help m…

whats been happening

joe was kind enuff to help me move some stuff back from hall today. well among the more important things to be moved are my fridge (which mom is using for all food junk) and my beloved girlfriend sleepy. well of cos we have to abide by the law don’t we? so sleepy has to put on her seatbelt while travelling from ntu to clementi.

sleepy buckling up

taking joseph’s car made me felt unsafe.. so i decided to take a little protection…

protecting the napkin cranium

nah im juz joking, joe is one of the safest driver i ever came across.. i was just putting on the helmet to look like an idiot.. (all u shuddap if u gonna say i already look like one WITHOUT the helmet).

oh i borrowed pirates 2 from gramophone yesterday and watched it today.. seems cool, can’t wait for the next one.. im wondering if i shud go borrow oceans 12 so i could go watch oceans 13… and shrek 3 is out too!! wah.. so many sequels to catch this month.. n i also wanna watch blades of glory..

alrite that’s all for now…


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