one hour in a day yesterday i had an awesome one …

one hour in a day

yesterday i had an awesome one hour in the day. it was at 3pm when discovery travel and living was showing anthony bourdain’s no reservations. well im happy cos its like the hardest show to catch on tv cos i always dunno when they are showing it. so when i saw that it was gonna show at 3pm, i just waited and waited and waited. awesome, i would prefer bourdain’s show to jamie oliver’s cos the latter is just a cooking show while the former is a travel and eating and drinking show.. (whoo hoo!)

then i decided to pack my room (house one) and then realised i haf so much junk accumulated from like primary school lar, i was in a thrashy mood, so deicded to get rid of as much as it while i’m still in this mood, else i’ll just start accumulating shit again.

then went to prac at nite and subsequently to joe’s gig at some ulu serangoon pub…

and now im sitting on my ass waiting for the saf to mobilise me… might haf to stay over… grrrrrrrr….

alrite, before i leave, bourdain asked this question to one of his companions in the show, “what must u absoultely want to eat before you die?” (basically, what would u like your last meal to be lar). and i was thinking about it.. and im torn between 2 choices… 1 is mark’s mom auntie bernice’s lamb, and the other is the paulener pork knuckles.. well what would be your last meal??


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