lost the last paper of my entire uni life (hopefu…


the last paper of my entire uni life (hopefully) ended yesterday. well and im officially at a lost of what to do with the next i dunno, 60 years of my life? (assuming i live that long).

so to celebrate the end of my studying life, my frens decided that i want to watch spiderman 3, and bought tickets for me. well that’s great except you don’t buy tickets for a 530pm show and then inform me at 445 that we’re watching a show at 530. well so i had to run back to hall and drop my bag and rush down to jurong point (thankfully its not at orchard!) with miltano..

oh well, if u haven’t watch spiderman 3, DONT. its sinfully boring..

and after the show we had a simple dinner and went back to the staff club in sch for a couple of beers. then it was all night long of dota and pudgewars. at 430am i decided to go sleep.. but then paul had to call and said ‘eh we’re going to drink now’ and that lasted till 7 in the morning.. the best part was, they were still going to dota somemore till a canteen is open to eat breakfast.. but i was just too tired to do anything, so i went to crash till 6 in the evening.

o well there u haf it, my boring life.. and 50 years more of it might i add..


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