last days was talking to paul just now, he said h…

last days

was talking to paul just now, he said he felt very sad that he’s leaving hall. said he wanted to cry (pussy) haha, but then his sadness influenced me so much that i went to take a look at the orientation pictures of this academic year.

really regretted not being there for the whole camp, i was there on and off, depending on whether i could wake up early that day. but most days i was only up at like 2pm (usual).

yes yes i’ve blogged about leaving hall before, but then its really a sad thing to leave a place that has given us so many memories. i can still remember the first day i entered this place with my stoopid mohawk haircut, and everybody was wondering who the fuck is this punk trying to kek seh, but bo seh.

orientations are always the highlight for every acadamic year, at least for me, cos i get to know lots of new friends. okay, who am i kidding, all of u who know me long enuff will know that im looking forward to orientation just becos of the chais. well i’d admit it.. haha, but then usually the harvest comes out to be rather disappointing (okay i think this is the point where my freshies and juniors are going to break all ties with me). but still we end up seeing thru a whole acadamic year of lunches, dinners, and best of all.. drinking sessions. its the time when u see your toot toot freshies become less toot (i have no idea how to say this part, so becoming less toot will do for now.. haha) and become more like a uni student.

oh well.. nxt year’s (or rather this year’s) orientation would be different, i won’t be able to be attending thru the whole camp, cos hopefully i’d found work by then, even if i don’t, i can’t possibly attend the whole camp, it’ll be so loser for an old man to be running around with the little kids… at least not going for the whole camp would make it seem like i have a job.. hahahah … oh well …

anyway in closing, here are some pics of this year’s (or rather last year’s) orientation camp… yupps its all pictures of me… what can i say??

think of all the times you once had, write them in a letter that says goodbye


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