the exile of napkin man in the last volume of nap…

the exile of napkin man

in the last volume of napkin man: the nanyang island saga series, we have an inside look to what napkin man is thinking. a native of the island sneaked into napkin man’s shack and found his journal, this was what was written in the entry dated 27th april 2007, titled reflections:

“i came to nanyang island 4 years ago in search of a sacred relic, to fulfil the prophecy of society , ‘and he, the one who adores napkins shall obtain an artifact so powerful, that all in the world would sought his powers’. along the way, i met with great difficulties and made many enemies, the greatest of them all was dr academia. the first 3 years were pretty alright, as i only had to deal with his never ending minions of assignments and exams. the toughest year was this final one, where i met a worthy opponent, dr f.y.p, the right hand man of dr academia. alas i gave my all, as if my life depended on it and defeated the evil one.

but looking back, i would not have done it without the help of the natives here on nanyang island. the bonds we forge has given me the courage to face these demons. i remember the times we spent, the meal times, the nightly trainings, the celebrations and who could forget their ritual of defending the ancients. everyone of them has made this battle a bearable one.

of cos, as with any society, ppl come and leave. and some of them i had disagreements with. some bonds would forever be lost, never to be re-kindled again, whereas others would last a lifetime. i am thankful for each and everyone of them, everyone, for teaching me life’s valuable lessons, of love and hate, of friendships, of dreams and ambitions and many many more.

these ppl are like family to me, i see them practically everyday and now i have to be the one to leave this place (hopefully). in two weeks time, i foresee myself to attain that which i came for, the sacred relic. but i know i would definitely leave with much more than the sacred relic, i leave this place a stronger warrior, and most of all, i leave this place with the memories that had been. i hope never to forget the time that was spent here, but as i age, i know i would lose them. and all their faces would be a passing blur to me, lost in the eternal abyss.

so fare thee well, beloved inhabitants of the land. i hope the fire continues to burn through the night, never to be extinguished, till we meet again, goodbye.”

and with that, napkin man prepares for his final battle with dr academia, finishing off the last of the evil minions called exams. in 2 weeks, it is finally time for our beloved super hero to leave the island named nanyang. what adventure awaits napkin man in the outside world? what special item will he get this time? stay tune for the next series of napkin man.


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