the transformation of napkin man in vol 3 of napki…

the transformation of napkin man

in vol 3 of napkin man: the nanyang island saga, we learnt that the evil dr f.y.p was relentlessly pursuing our beloved super hero. apparently, just wounding naps is not enough, he is determined to finish the super hero off with his ultimate due on 19th march fireball level 3. still unable to use his superpowers, napkin man has no choice but to be on the run. he devised a grand master plan called nanyang island break where all steps to evade dr f.y.p are taken. the first thing he did was to go under the knife of dr waffles to change his image. eye witnesses had sworn that our new super hero looks like this:
napkin man before transformation
napkin man after transformation
oh dear!! what has our super hero done to himself??? nevertheless, it is a clever ploy as dr f.y.p would be looking for a tall fat and ugly person and not an innocent looking young kid. however, even though our super hero looks like a small kid, he does not have the mentality and innocence of one, instead, he is often filled with vengence in his mind. thus, to overcome this problem, he has sought the help of a great master to impart upon him the great skill of wheres has all the innocence gone?? will napkin man be able to master this great skill, or will dr f.y.p get to him before his complete transformation?? find out more in napkin man: the nanyang island saga vol 4.


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