do you believe in god?? well the title has nothin…

do you believe in god??

well the title has nothing whatsoever to do with today’s entry, i just like that sentence cos chow yuan fatt was posed that question by ho gor in a better tomorrow with which chow (known as mark) replied, “yeah i am god”.

moving along… i was thinking of the ppl in my life. kindda sucks that there are the ppl that may be so close to you at a point in time, only to fade into oblivion. well off the top of my head i can think of a few whom were close to me, but am in total non-contact now. well if im lucky there are the few that meets up once in every 3 months for a coffee. then there comes new ppl in your life whom you are close to, but inadvertedly joins the “once every 3 months for coffee” club. and the only thing that is constant in this see-sawing is really the coffee aint it??

was listening to the beyond 96 live and basic album just now. the most touching song in that album would be (and i believe brian agrees with me on that one) is hai kuo tian kong.. reminds me of the days in secondary school when we just learnt how to play the guitar. while everybody else was digging oasis, thomas brian and i spent countless days watching the beyond concert vcd. well the reason for the song being so touching is cos the 4th member of the band and brother of one of them died in a stage accident. and when the bassist (was it his brother??) was singing the song, he broke down in tears… really heart wrenching stuff.

anyway this is really a random posts of sort, i am trying to sort my thoughts out, and it comes in spurts like this, so my mind is really a train wreck. i was just thinking when were the best days of my life.. and i think now i would put it as the time when i was born to maybe 2 years old. life was way simpler then, i din even knew i existed. there was really no care, all you gotta do is to breathe, eat, sleep and maybe take a shit. i don’t even hafta clean up after myself, and i am totally ignorant of the world, of what ppl think. i mean they could be saying ‘hell this baby is damn not cute and ugly as hell’ and the best part of being that young is im too young to even know what cute and ugly is. and on the personal front, i wasn’t critical at that age. i mean i don’t think i ever thought ‘damn it mom! the milk is too hot!!’ or ‘eh its time to change my diaper woman!!’. now that im all grown up and hitting the quater of my lifespan (well that’s if i live to be a 100), there’s so many things that aren’t going right, and the fact that im aware of it just sucks. well maybe a better tomorrow will always be a tomorrow too far away.


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